LeadsLogic Media provides world-class database that suit every client’s needs, budget, and expectations. Clients require quality over quantity. That's what we strive for. Through the team’s combined proficiencies and expertise, we aim to deliver quality and add value to it. Our goal is to be a team of professionals who are driven by ethics and utilize their skills to generate more ROI for our clients. LeadsLogic Media assists you to launch your Lead Generation Campaigns with our integrated strategies. They are Content Syndication, Account-Based Marketing and Market Survey .


LeadsLogic Media believes in diverse, innovative and creative marketing solutions to our clients. We serve an array of companies and businesses globally to accelerate revenue by identifying, profiling, developing and connecting with the right decision makers to reach out to their targeted customer and prospect accounts. Our B2B customer contact and profiling solutions help you to identify and connect to the target audience with confidence, accuracy and precision. LeadsLogic Media aims to serve to meet client’s expectations, time, budget, and business goals. Its collaborative team of experienced, practical, and creative professionals is committed to help each client build a strong reputation and brand identity that effectively influences and impacts their respective markets.


LeadsLogic Media as a Company

LeadsLogic Media was founded in December 2017. Our core team for B2B Marketing are industry experts with 10+ years of experience that work along with industry giants. Over the years, we have emerged into a successful company of 100+ employees who have been helping our clients with a wide array of creative and professional marketing experience. We adhere to GDPR, CAN SPAM, CASL and other marketing laws and regulation.

Why LeadsLogic Media

LeadsLogic Media’s proprietary database is spread across multiple channels offering services such as Email Marketing, SEO/SEM and Telemarketing. We help you market your product across 28M+ business decision makers globally. LeadsLogic Media connects your sales team with the potential buyer for your product. We work and engage with clients based on their requirement and ensure highly-effective and quality service. The company is committed to:

  • Branding & Marketing (B&M)

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Sales (CPS)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)

  • We are prepared to take on any challenge you have for us. LeadsLogic Media serves in various countries and regions around the globe. Be it US, UK, North America, South America, Canada, Japan, Africa, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India and many more countries.