Knowing the market helps you up your game better. LeadsLogic Media helps you to understand the need of your target audience much before you launch the product/service. Target your existing and trusted B2B customers for marketing and add value to the solutions

Features :

  • Help you to overcome in the absence of a unique selling proposition (USP) for products or services.
  • Assess thoughts, opinions, and feelings of your target audience.
  • Ask questions to examine the challenges or pain points and decision-making process .
  • Analyze the potential market size .
  • Discover and focus on your customer’s prime requirement.


Our team is more than happy to republish the web-based content in the top domain websites with the help marketers. You can promote your content among diversified network of audience which can be followed up and nurtured to a potential buyer.

Features :

  • You can promote your brand by placing your content in the hands of the right buyer at the right time. Most of the B2B buyers opt for whitepapers, webinars or case studies before reaching out to a vendor.
  • You can use content syndication model to syndicate the content effectively across the largest B2B network.
  • You can add questions to content syndication to further nurture your prospect to TOFU leads. .
  • It furthermore helps you with SEO to attract more traffic to your website .
  • It allows you to measure intent-based engaged audiences and capitalize on them .


Our LeadsLogic Media team helps you further save your sales team’s time and expertise effectively to achieve highest ROI. We offer personalized propositions to create interest and engagement of specific industry or organization.

Features :

  • Identifies your target organization's to accelerate your Sales Strategy.
  • Aligns content to the key attributes of the accounts, personas and key insights you identified.
  • Focuses on consistent, concise and engaging interactions with senior-level executives .
  • Tracks as soon as you start .
  • Provides accurate contact information needed to sell.


Our HQL (highly qualified lead) programs are designed to connect your sales team with leads looking for a product in your specific category, with verified budgets and an implementation time frame of six months or less. HQLs convert from buyers who are researching software at LeadsLogic Media.

Features :

  • Offers demographic qualifiers with optimized filters to ensure that the lead fits your target buyer profile.
  • Offers behavioural qualifiers that highlight lead activities that show buying intent. .


BANT leads help you to know your future customers better. SQL/BANT level leads help you to identify your customer and close deals effectively in the following ways:

  • What is their BUDGET or whether their BUDGET is approved?.
  • Do they have AUTHORITY to implement your service?.
  • Do their NEED fit your solutions? .
  • When is the right TIME they are looking out for you? .

Email Marketing, SEO/SEM and Telemarketing:

We help you market your product across several business decision makers globally spanning across a wide range of industries. Our contact discovery team work to ensure higher quality, deep rooted, sales-focused services that help us penetrate into your target account list. Our personalized programs are designed to achieve higher levels of output to fill your sales target and further enrich and enhance the database.

Cloud based Dialer with Floating DIDs:

We help you make the best use of answering and fax machine detection along with all type of codec support for voice clarity and voice breakage issues.

48 Email Service Providers::

Our team goes a step further to help you make the best use of your sales team’s time and expertise. We aim at providing a hassle free delivery. Region specific ESPs help identify a higher CTR.

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