• Our first step is to talk with you and gather all the information related to the project. We listen to your goals and answer your queries. We provide a suitable level of detail to give you enough confidence to back your idea that is feasible.
  • We develop strategy, list of all topics which guides our customer's goal and target audiences. The planning of getting concepts down on canvas and then processing on those ideas can unlock new directions to explore which gives solutions that you wouldn't have normally arrived at.
  • Every project is unique and different. We design and develop your project to meet or exceed your expectations and offer innovative ideas that benefit our customers to reach their goal. Conceptualization and sourcing is of utmost strategic importance and can make or break a product’s success.
  • The final stage is perhaps the most exciting of the lot. This step includes execution of the plan which was decided that meets our customer's needs and satisfaction. Once we design & develop the project, we test it internally so that no stone is left unturned to ensure that the final output is delivered and accepted by our customer.
  • We adopt a customer-friendly approach and are always eager to offer help to discuss and resolve any customer query with the right solution within 24 hours or less time.

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We have Highly qualified and experienced agents with excellent communication skills. We believe in customer satisfaction to deliver the best output and help them to achieve thier targets and goals. .

Lead Scored

We target the prospective audience with the help of various marketing campaigns to gather information.

Accurate Contacts

We validate prospect's Details such as Full Name, Department, job Function, Company Size, Industry to check the authenticity of the information received.

Data Quality Check

We have a data validation and quality check process to validate the authenticity of the prospect's information with regards to the purpose of call, content, product or service.

Quality of Lead

We evaluate the prospect's answer to the questions to cross-check if it matches with the campaign's criteria. Our QA Manager checks if the prospect's have provided consent to allow our client to contact them for any feedback, follow-up or to answer any query.


Once lead passes all the qualification parameters, all the information is added in a file format requested by the client and shared across through API/Email.